Executive committee MOA has decided to form a grievance cell to help our members and try to solve their difficulties. Many a times we purchase instruments, implants, equipments for OT, X ray machine, and so many other from various suppliers or manufacturers. Out of these deals that we make, sometimes we are faced with bitter experiences e.g. Failure to supply the item or failure to supply within stipulated time, or supply of inferior quality or faulty product. Sometimes we are overcharged. Sometimes we do not get the expected service in warranty period that. Sometimes we do not get any reply what so ever from the manufacturer about after sales service.

There are so many forms of these grievances lingering in our mind. Many a times due to our busy schedule or due to fatigue we let go the matter and we get a sensation of helplessness.

Friends, we have decided to form a cell to HELP in such situations. Once we receive a complaint from you, We shall study the matter, ask for some relevant information and papers and then take up the case with the concerned company, manufacturer or dealer. We shall try to remove the misunderstanding and misinterpretations and will try out the facts. We shall try and create dialogue between the parties and solve the matter to satisfaction of both of the After coming to end of all communications whether the problem is solved or not, we shall put the entire story on our website and/or communicate to all members in surface mail, So that proper conclusions can be drawn by all the members.

Similarly it will teach us how to make a deal and what precautions we must take before we part with our hard earned money. We make an appeal to all our members to send us such problems, grievances by surface mall along with photocopies of relevant documents. You can contact us by email too. We will need of course all the relevant documents without any of them held back. Verbal assurance given by the company may not help.

The letter of grievance is to be sent to the coordinator of this cell or on our website www.mahaortho.com

Grievance Committee :

  1. Past President: Dr. Patwardhan Dilip G A’Bad [9822041662]
  2. President: Dr . Sharad Pagare– , Nasik(9823052861)
  3. Secretary: Dr. Nitin Deshpande, Kolhapur[9822058344]
  4. Member: and Moderator: Dr. Madhav Khadilkar, Pune[9689934066]
  5. Member: Dr.Prakash sigedar, [9422226012]
  6. Member: Dr .Kanoujia R C, Nasik[9822063685]
  7. Member: Dr.Shankar Shelake Ahemadnagar [9922417405]
  8. Dr. B. Shivashankar,Solapur,[9822402204]

Address :

Dr. Khadilkar Madhav S.
Building no 2 Wing no A2,flat 24,
New Ajanta Society
Paud Road
Mob: 9689934066

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