MOA is awarding fellowships in different specialities. The selected fellow has to work with an approved teacher for a minimum period of fifteen days. The period will vary according to the subject and the teaching facilities.

Fellowships of Maharashtra Orthopedic Association 2017-2018
Pelvis : Dr. C. J. Thakkar, Dr. Pradeep Kothadia, Solapur.
Arthroplasty : Dr. Sancheti, Dr. Laud and Dr. Bhende, Dr. Sudhir Babhulkar, Nagpur.
Arthroscopy : Dr. Ashish Babhulkar and Dr. Anant Joshi, Dr. Tapasvi.
Trauma : Dr. Kakatkar, Dr. Sancheti, Dr. G. S. Kulkarni, Dr.Sudheer Babhulkar, Dr. Shivshankar, Dr.Saraf.M.L.
Arthroscopy : Dr. Ashish Babhulkar and Dr. Anant Joshi, Dr. Tapasvi.
Spine : Dr. Bhojraj and his Team, Dr. Arvind Bhave.
Hand : Dr. Sudhir Warrier and Pankaj Jindal.
Foot and Ankle : Dr. Sampat Dumber Patil.
Ex fix & llizarov : Dr. G. S. Kulkarni, Dr. Suhas Shah, Dr. Chaudhari Milind, Dr. Mangal Parihar.
Oncology : Dr. Ajay Puri, Dr. Manish Agrawal.
Pediatrics : Dr. Taral Nagada, Dr. Aleric Aroojis and Dr. Sandeep Patwardhan.



  1. 1. Life member of MOA for at least 5 years.
  2. 2. Practicing Orthopaedic Surgeon.
  3. 3. He should have no matter pending against him which can disqualify him from membership of MOA.
  4. 4. There is no age limit (Minimum/ Maximum).
  5. 5. Dr. sachin tapasvi is now incharge of fellowship committee,9822018871& email is
  6. 6. Contact him for fellowship details
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